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Welcome to Hanover!

The Kingdom of Hanover is a vibrant community of people voluntarily united for the purpose of authentically recreating a traditional Western Constitutional Monarchy. Hanover provides a unique outlet for participation within a kingdom for persons who might otherwise never have the chance. Whether one's interests are political, cultural, traditional or ceremonial, Hanover provides a vast array of opportunities to become involved in the life of this charming community. This website was created to help visitors learn more about the Kingdom of Hanover, and to make the citizenship process smooth.

We hope you'll take a moment to explore our website and to participate in our public discussion forums.

About the Kingdom of Hanover

Hanover's first monarch, King James I, established the Kingdom of Hanover in the year 2002 in order to provide a venue for the participation of ordinary people in the development and governing of a typical contemporary Western-style kingdom.

Ever since, the Hanoverian people have worked steadily toward the fulfillment of James' vision: the creation of a community that authentically recreates the institutions and traditions of a constitutional monarchy. The Kingdom of Hanover is a community of dedicated citizens, noble institutions, splendid ceremonies, and animated political discourse.

But being a Hanoverian is not all about complex statutes and elaborate rituals: ours is a nation that has managed to balance the serious pursuit of our goals with simply having a good time. National discussions range from the intellectual to the risque, and frivolity is as pervasive as solemnity.

Ready to become a Hanoverian Subject? His Majesty's Government is always ready to help make your citizenship process smooth and easy. Just step over to the citizenship area to learn more.