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Hanoverians are a diverse lot, and each of them brings an important element to the nation. Click on a photo to learn more.

Prince of Emden Archbishop of Bergen Monsignor McQueeny
Count of Damoneigh Sir Aderyn John Gribbin
Prince of Emden

About the Prince of Emden

Prince Justin, of the house of Marchmain, was one of the earliest citizens immigrating to Hanover in the earliest days The Prince has filled many roles in the Kingdom with loyalty and distinction, but he is in his best element in foreign relations.

The Prince is a major driving force keeping Hanover on the path of traditional monarchy. He have served as the Minister of Protocol, and in the Chancery where he helps keep the image of the nation proper and dignified.

His Highness lives in the Tennessee area of the United States. He spends his days taking care of his family and working for the public good in public projects (Hanoverian and otherwise). He has had to endure some personal tragedies, but always makes time for his duty to those less fortunate.

The Prince, ever the patriot, abandoned his claim to the Throne to bring peace to the nation when it was in extreme turmoil.